PAILIND is a combination of the Thai name of a sapphire with Lindblad, the family name of the founder who has experience in making silver and gold jewelry in the world market for over30 years. Both of them show the same meaning which is strength, stability, reliability. However, PAILIND is not a definition that we will only produce our products with sapphires but it is our unique characteristics of every product that has a PAILIND brand.


       With the expertise and long experience in jewelry making, resulting in a product called PAILIND which will be our representative in order to enable you to experience world-class design and worth paying that everyone can own PAILIND.

Message from Manager

       Our company was established since 1989 in Thailand by expertise management of European-style with design and produced by high skill craftsmen of Thai people. We have been developed into a famous business and our products is preferred in more than 40 countries around the world. Up to now, I would like to thank our team for helping to support us to this point. From now on, we will continue to create fresh and new ideas for continuous development with our strong team.


Board of Directors

  • Michael Lindblad
  • Nethipa Lindblad
  • Jon Lindblad